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Welcome! You are about to complete the on-line application for Minority, Women and/or Veteran Business Enterprises (MBE/WBE/VBE) certification under Cook County’s Business Diversity Program.  If your firm is a new MBE/WBE applicant, we offer a one-stop shop certification application process in collaboration with the City of Chicago.  This combined effort by the County and City lessens the financial burden and streamlines the certification process by providing a "one-stop shop" for MBE/WBEs interested in participating in County and City procurement opportunities. That means if you are already certified with the City of Chicago, you do not need to seek certification with Cook County or if you are currently certified by both agencies, then you only need to maintain your MBE and/or WBE Certification status current with just one agency. If you have any questions or need help while completing the application, please contact the Office of Compliance via a system support link or by phone at (312)603-5502.

ATTENTION SUPPLIERS AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICES FIRMS: At the time of bid submission a Personal Net Worth Statement/Size Standard Affidavit must be submitted along with a current letter of certification from the City of Chicago. Please click here for more details.

Cook County's Office of Contract Compliance certifies MBE/WBE/VBEs to participate in the County's procurement activities. Continued annual validation is required during the three (3) year term.  On the firm’s three (3) year certification anniversary, a Re-Certification Affidavit is required.

ALL applicants applying for Cook County Certification or submitting a No-Change and/or Re-Certification as MBE/WBE and/or VBE must complete a "Personal Net Worth Statement" form for each qualifying owner (51%) of the applicant firm.

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After logging in to your account, you will be directed to the application form. You can also click the Apply for Certification link on the right side of the "Dashboard." If you require technical assistance while completing the application, please use our online support form.


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